This is your environmental
products income


This is Nu Energy's opportunity to help you access products that provide you with the ability to enhance the environment, protect yourself and your children from toxins and experience safe, excellent products while earning an extra income.

It is so easy, just switch stores and begin buying from yourself at equivelent to supermarket prices with products that work and are environmentally friendly and non toxic for you and your family
Check here for an account of the dangers lurking in your cuboard


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comes naturally at

How will you acomplish this?

Exchange your current household products for environmentally friendly products. We have alternatives to most supermarket products.
What would you think of a store who when you refer some of your friends and neighbours send you a check!!
"Magic" your products just got cheaper
More referrals and your products are free or maybe now you are interested in a second income?
We are here to help just call!!

Is this network marketing?


Then what is it?

A unique new concept called

"Consumer Direct Marketing"
A cataloge shopping system that allows every customer the opportunity to share revenues through word of mouth referrals.

Consumer Direct Marketing combines the best aspects of several industries. The result has been a marketing revolution!!

"This is people helping people achieve wellness and financial freedom!"

Consumer Direct Marketing
What Makes Us Different

No Large investment
No Inventory
No Need to deliver Products
No Repeat Sales presentations
No Pressuring Customers to Purchase
No Billings or Collections
Complicated Paperwork
No Risk

Environmentally friendly products for your
Household cleaning
Personal Care

Become a perferred customer for a membership of just $39.95 and recieve a 30% discounts on all products

Earn extra income or start your own business
purchase your kit - $289.00
plus membership - $39.95

Incentive Programs are:
Car Bonus - Leadership Bonus

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Feel free to ask questions at any time by email, fax or call the numbers at the bottom of this page.
Thank you for your interest, Maiken Crole

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