Pure Air Plus........................features Plusaire whole house ventilation

PLUSAIREŽ gives fresh air for life

Sizing Chart For Models BME-A & BME-UV

There are four regular sizes of Plusaire so how do you decide which size would be right for your home? To help you determine the correct size, PLUSAIREŽ has devised a simple chart for the homeowner to use.
Scan the list and circle the value of the appliances that you have. Add the values to see what size Plusaire is right for your home. If you have more than one of any appliance, you may require a higher size. If your scour exceeds a # 4 a custom unit may apply contact us by email to discuss the size of house and other air quality needs


Furnace (less than 80,000 btu input)
Furnace (greater than 80,000 btu input)
Gas or oil fired water heater
Wood burning fireplace (masonry)
Masonry Chimney Exhaust Fan
Wood burning fireplace (with glass doors)
Wood burning fireplace (zero clearance)
Wood stove or insert
Any gas fired appliance vented into a chimney
Any gas fired appliance,vent less or vent free
Any gas fired appliance, direct vent
Cooking range, (gas or electric)
Cooking range hood fan
Indoor BBQ fan
Bathroom fan (each)
Clothes dryer
Central vacuum
Pot lights in the uppermost ceiling (each)
Heat Recovery Ventilator

Next please enter the amount of Cigarettes smoked in the house in a 24 hour period.

Please enter the number of people living in the house.