Did you know that the most significant cause of
weight gain is stress

This is a perpetual phenomenon as the more concerned you become about your weight the more likely you are to gain those extra pounds.

So besides the information provided on this page take a look at the stress relief and enlightenment concepts offer in this site. Self love and acceptance of our body are the first steps to your freedom, peace and ideal weight

First lets talk about your metabolism
and the way your body uses and stores food

Did you know that maintaining an ideal weight for you and your body type may not be what you are striving for!

Your body actually has a natural set point - this is the ideal weight for you and if we try to go below it we will never be able to maintain it.

There is an ideal way to change your lifestyle for optimum weight management

Notice that we are talking about weight management we will never suggest the word diet has anything to do with what we are going to accomplish.

To achieve the ideal weight management state you will need to increase your metabolism. The way to do this requires you to eat a lot of food.

What happens when people go on diets and restrict their food intake?
An interesting phenomenon occurs in the body.

The body realizing that food is being curtailed goes into an efficiency mode preparing for starvation and famine (similar to the fight or flight mode that causes anxiety and stress) this is an involuntary occurrence that you cannot prevent. Hence after several weeks of dieting you have lost some weight but are tired of trying and so you go back to your regular eating habits.

The weight comes back sometimes more than before. This is because your body subconsciously turned on the efficiency mode during the diet and even though it is very good at compensating for no food or less food it is not nearly as concerned about more food later and so remains in the efficiency mode.

The dilemma then is to motivate or trick your body into realizing it is not starving and actually let it know that there will be an abundance of food for ever so it never has to move into starvation mode again.

Sounds great but how do we do this?

" What" you do is actually quite simple!! "But" your habits, ego, cravings and comfort foods may make it a little difficult initially so don't be to hard on yourself be patient and it will pay off. It will take a little time to convince your body of the abundance it will be experiencing and have your sub conscious turn off that starvation mode.

The idea is to eat a lot of food and to eat frequently so we are not hungry, sounds wonderful right!!
We should also not eat a lot at one time thus reducing our capacity for how much we can stuff ourselves. This frequent eating is sometimes called grazing. Animals graze and they only get fat when food is withheld and then they tend to over eat.
Now that we have settled on gazing we will have to decide what it is we are going to graze on, are you excited yet you should be!!
We know that to much of certain things do produce weight gain - so how are we be able to eat allot of food - graze all day and still move toward our goal of ideal weight?

Now remember I am saying "ideal" weight not skinny or twiggy.

We will make some lifestyle changes and new food choices, these choices and changes will be with us for life - not just a few weeks!! So choose wisely and do not make the change to quickly or you may become discouraged.

Lifestyle change and ideal weight management is not a "few weeks" thing and it is not about weighing in every week in fact we prefer you to put the scales in the garbage or at least store them in the basement.
You have in all likelihood created a dependency on them and there is no need to ever weigh yourself again. As you move through your new patterns how your clothes fit will tell you if you a up or down and you can compensate accordingly by eating more foods that increase your metabolism.
This is all there is to it, we have handouts that tell you what foods increase metabolism which ones do not and which ones prevent your body from burning fat regardless of what you eat and which ones are fantastic energy producing burners.

For those of you who have experience many diets and feel that your body mechanisms are fairly far out of wack we have some suggestions that can help you on your way.
Thermogenisis products that create a natural burn and produce energy.
Yoga, meditation and enlightenment disciplines that put you in touch with your body, start you on the road to self love and letting go of anxiety and the limitations that may be holding you back.

There are many self help mechanisms and opportunities that will help ensure your success and we can provide these through seminars, by mail or or individual appointment.

Check out the section on stress and nutrition for many great resources.

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