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Wellness goes beyond food and vitamins
Our body is an exceptional vessil and designed to keep us alive no matter what we do to it!

The issue with modern society's food chain is the fact that it is driven by economic gains as opposed to contributng to the health of the population. There are regulations for the production of pet and animal foods as they are dependent on us for there food and have no choice in what is fed to them. People however are supposed to be able to make intelligent choices about what they eat, so food manufacturers are allowed to put anything on the market as long as it is so called not harmful. Not harmful is a very latent term as an accumulation of foods void of any nutrients will eventually cause irreparable harm to the body. This phenominon can influence the onset
of chronic diseases that are so prevalent in modern society such as; hardening of the arteries, diabetes, chronic fatugue, fibromialgia, even cancer,

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About your body's PH

Our body is an exceptional vessil designed to keep us alive no matter what we do to it!
" This survival instinct."
continually and religiously robs peter to pay paul in an effort to maintain the balance. Your blood is the most sensitive to this phenominon and has a very narrow pH span. Your body will robb minerals from other areas to maintain blood pH or you will die. This is not a problem if you are healthy and have plenty of nutriants available. However if your body is to acidic from a diet of fast food or nurtient void foods your bones are the most vulnerable
as they are a powerhouse of stored minerals and calcium. This is the first and easiest place for the body to rob nutrients to maintain blood pH; result Ostioporosis another previlant modern societital disease.
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When your body's pH level is not alkaline, there is a good probability that you are having difficulty properly assimilate vitamins, minerals and food supplements. It is important to know how the body works to insure your well spent dollar is actually helping you. It is important to consult with an alternative practitioner for testing to discover what your body needs and how to best provide this..

Your Local Supermarket

Did you know that your local supermarket is full of products that have absolutely no nutritional value. That's not all some of the products can actually be harmful to some people and especially vulnerable is our children. We live in this fast paced age where both parents are generally required to help make a living and women's career opportunities are important to them. Marketing has taken advantage of this phenomenon creating convenience foods, packaged items that appeal to our need for speed and convenience. Even more sinister are the marketing strategies used to entice our children. All this taxes our good sense and family values not to mention our health. To find out more about changing your lifestyle and realizing your dreams contact us at the email address at the bottom of this page. The information in this site is intended to help make you an informed consumer, ask pointed questions about your health and treatment options and to always look to continued wellness and prevent illness.
We hope you the information your read here will assist you in becoming an informed and discriminating shopper of wellness products.

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